Writer, Independent Scholar and Transformational Guide

Katarzyna Gajewska is an imaginative writer, independent scholar and transformational guide. She has a Ph.D in Political Science with the focus on industrial relations but she gave up her successful postdoctoral academic career. She has published on alternative economy, non-digital peer production, food and health in the political and economic context, universal basic income, and collective autonomy since 2013. She is interested in preventive health and emotional and psychological aspects of modern and post-capitalist society. Committed to social evolution and change, she ponders what skills and functioning would develop outside the bounds of capitalist culture drawing upon her examination of pre-industrial societies and alternative lifestyles. She conducted in-depth interviews with dozens of members of egalitarian communities. She leads workshops, in which she creates a space for self-inquiry and sharing inspired by her analysis of the psychological and emotional aspects of modern and a post-capitalist society. After all, understanding the psychological, emotional, and cultural conditionings which underpin modernity is to understand oneself better.